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July 09 2015

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germans: ok, so our country is called Deutschland
the french: got it. the country of Allemagne
germans: ...no? that doesn't even sound like it
the english: oh no, we got it, it's Germany
germans: not even close
the polish: it's Niemcy, right?
germans: how are you each getting it wrong in a completely different way
danes: Tyskland
lithuanians: Vokietija
germans: ...
germans: anyone else?
finns: Saksa
germans: you know what? sure. whatever
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July 03 2015

HUGE Bernie Sanders Crowd Should Terrify Hillary

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Hillary Goon Bashes Bernie Sanders

July 02 2015

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"asylunterkünfte anzünden ist nicht rechts! ein bisschen mehr respekt vor den sitten und bräuchen in meißen, bitte!" (via Michael Seemann)
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July 01 2015

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June 29 2015

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Useless fact of the day: Neil Armstrong's name when read backwards is "Gnorts Mr. Alien"
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Einfach ja!
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